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How To Use IEP With Fiverr


How To Use IEP With Fiverr

About the Fiverr Kit

Fiverr is a website where people do things for $5. You will need to sign up first (if you don’t have an account) to start offering this service on Fiverr.

Before you get started with your gig make sure you are familiar with the tool and are able to deliver your designs as fast as possible. In fact if you perform your orders fast and to a high standard you will easily get repeat customers to your gig.

To get started head over to and create the following gig.


title: I will create a professional 3D or 2D ebook cover design for $5

description: ***** Fastest Ebook 3D or 2D cover design! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

I will design a high quality 3D or 2D ebook

cover for you! Just give me a brief description of what you’d like and you’ll get your ebook cover in no time. Thanks!

tags: ebook cover, marketing, 3d cover,ebook template, design

gig image:

Right-click and save this image to upload it to your Fiverr gig

Right-click and save this image to upload it to your Fiverr gig


[Copy and paste the message below in the gig delivery area]

Hello and thanks for your order!

Please send me your company details and an image to include on your channel to get started.


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