How we generated 6 figures with Infographics Presence

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Goal tracking in Google Analytics is a must

Goal tracking in Google Analytics is a must for product owners

At YMB, we love sharing how we create and market great products with you.

So while we are making Infographics Presence available as a white label for a limited time, it made sense to share how we made over $100,000 in revenues from this software.

Here are 5 lessons we’ve learnt from this process.

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Obviously, that where it all starts. You want to make sure that there is a demand for the product you are developing and that there is already some competition in place.

I’m always astonished when I see people getting discouraged when they see too much competition in a marketplace. I think that on the contrary competition is a sign that you are in a healthy market where there is money to be made. If your product is so original that there is nothing that can compete with it, I’ll be worried you are in a non-existing market.

Fortunaly with infographics there is a definite upward trend. Internet users love consuming these type of visual representation of content and marketers know it, as illustrated by this Google Trends chart.

And best of all, the product has already been created for you! Simply grab your copy of Infographics Presence white label here and you are off to a great start with a proven seller.


2. Focus on recruiting relevant affiliates only

The screenshot above shows the process we use for finding potential affiliates on Warrior+

One of our favorite affiliate recruitment strategies consists in recruiting targeted affiliates, rather than just bothering everyone in our marketplace.

As you can see from the screenshot above taken from our team knowledgbase (where we store all the company systems and processes), we usually start by a simple keyword research. You can use this strategy on Warrior+, JVZoo, Clickbank or any product marketplace to find product creators with relevant offers.

The idea here is that someone who has an audience that has already bought products related to infographics will certainly love promoting our products (and they surely did).

We also found that deal sites (like Groupon) are usually keen to share good products with their audience. For instance we secured several promotion deals simply by looking on Google for relevant deal sites and then contacting them.

DealFlow generated a good deal of new customers for us

DealFlow generated a good deal of new customers for us

Magnus who is our campaign manager at YMB will have a more detailed post for you on how we recruit affiliates (including the exact template we have been using to recruit affiliates for the past 2 years) over the week-end.

3. Reach out to relevant bloggers

Reach out to bloggers to promote your product further

Getting affiliates and all is a great start for a product launch, but it does not have to end there.

To find relevant bloggers who can talk about our product we use this simple search string on Google:

inurl:blog “keyword”

example: inurl:blog “infographics”

For instance, we used the same strategy to secure a blog post from IndieReader about KD Renegade not later than last week (see screenshot above). This gives us additional exposure and steady organic traffic to our sites, plus it does help with the SEO.

Bloggers are always hungry for good content to publish, so we found that reaching out and getting published by a blogger related to our industry is incredibly easy.

4. Sell in different marketplaces

Infographics Presence was launched on various platforms to maximize revenues

Infographics Presence was launched on various platforms (including recurring, to maximize revenues

This is arguably one of the most valuable lesson we learnt over the year, not to limit ourselves to one marketplace or a set of affiliates.

There are TONS of venues for selling your products online (marketplaces, forums, etc) and we always try to be relentless in looking for new platforms where we can share our products with people who might need it.

Final thought: spreading the word

Ultimately, once you have a great product to sell, it’s all about spreading the word about it. I always tend to start with securing targeted and relevant partners, and once you have gone through those reach out to bloggers.

There are also a variety of marketplaces where you can sell your products, a simple search on Google will help you find them.

For a limited time, you can get access to Infographics Editor White Label from our website. This is the same product which made us over $100,000 and a ton of recurring monthly revenues. In our opinion we still havent scratched the surface of this market (one of our competitor has over 1 million users, so there is still a ton of room to go), that’s why we are making it available for our customers.


P.S. Want to find out more about our product launch system?

Freebie: download our product launch blueprint mindmap

Freebie: download our product launch blueprint mindmap

We have put together an awesome mindmap that summarizes the steps we go through to launch a new product, including how we go from concept, to development, marketing and then launching a product.

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