How to Recruit Affiliates for a Successful Product Launch

Special bonus: download the exact email template we use for recruiting affiliates here.

Like this graphic? You can download it on

Like this graphic? You can download it on

Yes… you may have heard of it, seen it, witnessed it happen or done it yourself.

I am talking about those 6 figure launches. It’s amazing how such launches take off from the ground with revenues racing to the sky. It is almost as if a group of people with some fat bank account were already waiting for the launch.

But hey, the truth is, probably more than 90% of most 6 figure launches owed their performance to the support of a wide range of affiliates. Don’t get me wrong… you can take your product to such revenue level on your own with some kick-ass hard work. But making good partnerships and doing JVs will literally shoot you to the top in less time.

I have watched a lot of product creators do it, and we have done multiple 6 figures with our own products here at YMB Properties. So without dragging this on trying to convince you that you need the support of good affiliates and JV partners, I’d rather focus on giving you affiliate recruiting tips, and the actual strategy we use here at YMB.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Run a final check on your product, and set up a JV page

This is a crucial step that must be taken before trying to hit up any potential affiliate. First we want to make sure the product is ready, and can be given out to JVs if they request for a review copy (or to run a demo for a test). Obviously, you don’t want to tell them the product is half-done or that you are still fixing a bug (if it’s a software product).

You also want to have a JV page up as soon as your product is ready. A JV page is mostly setup to provide all the details about your launch. And it is an important part of the launch process. Among others, your JV Page should contain the following information:

  • Description of the product (a demo video would do for software products while you can use precise text description for info products)
  • Launch date with exact launch time (we normally work with EDT/EST)
  • Copy of your sales letter (you can have this on another page and drop the url on your JV page)
  • Diagrammatic presentation of your sales funnel
  • Commission payouts (this tells potential JVs how much they stand to make per conversion)
  • JV contest (this is not mandatory but necessary to help you get more affiliates and motivate them)
  • JV optin form (to collect emails of potential JVs so you can update them about the launch and future launches)
  • Email swipes (write at least 3 email swipes and some bullet points)
  • Banners
  • Affiliate links
  • Contact details (include both email and Skype contacts)
  • Others… you can go ahead and add any other information you think will help recruit affiliates, like your previous launch stats, affiliate promo stats, etc. However, it is necessary you don’t lose focus and overdo it.

Here’s one of our JV pages for a sample (this is the JV page we used for Offline Presence launch).

Make out enough time for affiliate recruitment

It is important you bring out at least 2 to 4 weeks solely for affiliate recruitment before your launch date. This is because most affiliates are pretty much busy and booked for weeks ahead. Here at YMB Properties, for instance, we already have a schedule for the rest of this month. So it is really important that you start early, and get your launch on their calendar.

Go after relevant affiliates

You want to be targeting affiliates whom you know have built some audience in your niche. This is a strategy we have used over and over again. If you created a product in the SEO niche for instance, you want to be contacting affiliates who have successfully sold a product in this niche in the recent past or have at least built a good following in the niche.

So how do we do this?

We search through the popular digital marketplaces, mostly WarrioPlus, JVZoo and ProductPay. You can also use this strategy on ClickBank. All these platforms have a nice search feature which you can use to find products in a particular niche, say SEO, Kindle, Video, Graphics, etc.

You don’t want to contact every single person that appears on the result page. What we normally do here is filter it down to those that did at least 100+ sales in the past 6 months, look up their profile/contact details and send them a message.

Here’s a screenshot of a search on Warrior+

Here is the template we use at YMB Properties for contacting potential affiliates.

Another strategy we like to explore most of the time is reaching out to a handful of popular bloggers in our niche. These bloggers may prefer you run a special offer for their audience or they may want to get onboard your launch. We’ve had some success with this and think it’s worth a try too.

Keep a good track record of your affiliate recruitment process

Part of the JV record we kept and managed on Trello during Offline Presence launch

Part of the JV record we kept and managed on Trello during Offline Presence launch

Never miss this! You want to know how many affiliates you have contacted, who they are, the contact means you used, their response and basically every single detail about that communication that you can leverage on later.

You will find that sometimes you may need to contact some affiliates more than once. If this be the case, you don’t want to go through all the initial search process again. You want to be able to reach out to them with a ping or at least have their personal or best email address where you are sure to get directly to them.

At YMB Properties, we basically use Skype and email contacts for this purpose. We’ve also started using Whatsapp and phone contacts as of recent (strictly for passing urgent messages along, otherwise we’d ping them on Skype or send an email and wait). However, it is important you don’t abuse this privilege.

Post a listing on product launch calendar sites


MunchEye (what their home page looks like)

Product launch calendar sites are websites that let you post your product launch information so that other affiliates can see them.

These sites mostly offer premium (paid) listing and normal (free) listing. But both allow you to post your launch details, product description and a link to your JV page. This should try to get listed on a handful of these sites at least a week or two weeks before your launch. The earlier the better!

We mostly use Muncheye. Others to checkout are WarriorJV, JVSpy and JVLaunchCalendar.

Run a paid ad to your JV page

We added 300+ JV emails to our list in a single week with targeted Facebook ads

We added 300+ JV emails to our list in a single week with targeted Facebook ads

If you have a budget, run some paid ad to your JV page. This will help get more eye-balls on your up-coming launch; some of whom might be affiliates that may want to promote the product to their audience. The last time we did this, we got about 300+ JV subscriptions in a single week with Facebook ads.

That said, if you want to recruit affiliates with paid ads, we recommend you use Facebook. However, we haven’t used adwords or media buys for this purpose and can’t comment on them yet.

Follow up with your affiliates

How we kept a record of JV performance, JV agenda, scripts, etc on Trello during one of our launches

How we kept a record of JV performance, JV agenda, scripts, etc on Trello during one of our launches

Are you seeing hops from all the affiliates who promised to promote you? Is there an affiliate who is yet to get back to you? Do you think they would perform better if you give out an exclusive bonus to their customers or maybe if you bump their commission?

Your little track record should be consistently populated with these kinds of information. This will give you a grasp on how your product is doing and how each of your affiliates is performing. You can easily spot those who need further motivation and whom to give a hand of assistance.

By and large, you should follow up with your affiliates and do the best you can to make the promotion worth their while.


Very important! You should be willing to promote your affiliates’ products, when they are fit, to your mailing list or blog audience. This is one way of cementing your JV relationship… a factor you really need for future endeavors.

OK, let’s wrap it up here; this post is getting a bit longer than expected 🙂


P.S. Don’t forget to download your bonus PDF, it’s a PDF with the process and email template we use to contact potential affiliate partners.

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