Facebook Covers: 100 Creative Design Examples

Facebook_ShippingSince Facebook launched Timeline in 2011, it has continued to challenge the creativity of its now 1.19 billion active users worldwide through one of its innovative features – Facebook Timeline cover photo.

Inspired by the concept of a scrapbook, where chapters correspond to the different stages of life, Facebook Timeline cover photo in an equal sense serves as the scrapbook’s primary cover.

Therefore, do not underestimate how a creative cover can affect your online presence. Whether you are using Facebook for personal or business purpose, being creative help set your Facebook profile above the rest. A creative and well-set cover photo can:

      • Immediately attract viewers to your Facebook profile or fan page
      • Increase brand awareness
      • Generate leads for your business
      • Increase your number of “likes” and Facebook followers
      • Encourage your fans to share your page and content
      • Show-off your contact information for business reasons

All right to cut the chase, let me give you this 100 creative samples to set your bright ideas on the move. Combine this with your imagination, passion and sense of style to put yourself or your business in a new creative light.

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Let’s start with how Facebook timeline cover can be an ultimate avenue to showcase your attitude and personality.

1. Louise Lundberg– This pretty gal can be creepy sometimes. 51

2. Ekkapong Techawongthaworn– I never thought this two long set of words is actually his name but yeah, this guy definitely has a lot to tell.


3. Pao Abella– Do you love outdoors? How about an adventure? Just don’t forget to bring your umbrella! 56

4. Takayoshi– If I just see his profile photo and not the entire cover, I think I’ll be distracted myself! 69

5. Lanfranco Nantele– this mix of artistry and passion is a true overall package. Picture15

6. Hampus Engstrom– proud with your genetic make up? Why not shout it out? 58

7. Annalisa Modotto– Thinking what to eat can be tough sometimes. 29

8. Rudolfo Nobre– Who doesn’t love collage? Even more when it’s personalized! 55

9. Amy-Mae ElliotI wonder what this woman does inside a thick forest.. hmm. 32

10. Jeffrey Diana– Why not use your Facebook cover to redirect people from your personal blog site? Picture2

11. Resimia– In case you wanted to show off an extension of your room board. 66  

12. Eduardo Calvo– I just don’t get it. Nice 3D though! 65

13. Luca Nardi – Yeah, I too feel suicidal sometimes, but not to this extent!!! 73

14. Zoom. Enhance– Let’s leave it to the FBI to uncover this guy’s identity. Awesome brains. Picture1

15. Antonio Fadda– For anyone who wants to play the mysterious, I mean “pixilated” guy. 94

16. Derrick Collins– You don’t have to think much for your cover photo! Cut and paste will do! 92

17. Julian Targo: “I love football!”


18. Amber Saenz: “is the most awesome person”. Maybe there’s some error with Google? : ) amber-saenz

19. Cody Cosmo Kelderman– Do you feel out of place sometimes? This guy can relate to that. cody-cosmo-kelderman

20. Sven De Bruyne– If you have lots of words to say, it’s hard to put your head anywhere! Picture4

21. Aly Moffat– Cover photo is one of the the best places to vandalize. aly-moffatt

 Extra Personal

This category, which is a bit related with the first one consists of some creative samples  that speaks about the idea of things that are dear to you and what matters in your life.

22. Collage– A series of photos can tell it all.


23. Kelly Cromwell– Who’s got daddy’s eyes?


24. Javier Salmona– Here’s another funny Dad up for a new way to play with his kids!


25. Genevieve Lachance– Sorry dear, daddies above aren’t as strict as your mom! Not a chance Ms. Lachance!


26. Adele Nicolay– You are what you are girl!


27. Jerome Vadon– When you’re going out of photos for collage, just use words!


28.  Piotr Loj– Selfy


29. Bernard Fischer– If you don’t have anymore wet clothes to dry, just pin your pictures.


30. Tim Ware– This is the true definition of Timeline! Claps paps!


31. Ramunas Bruzgys– who says you don’t have a choice for friends and followers on Facebook Timeline? Picture6

32. Brian Fredette– Well, not all have a driver’s license. So you have to be proud you have one.


33. Sune Adler Miltersen1– This social media sure is his! Want to sign-up? Just feels like Facebook.


34. Sune Adler Miltersen2– Nicely cropped profile photo! Totally all in one!


35. Sune Adler Miltersen3– Just use your to-do list or grocery list if you don’t have more photos to pin.


36. Sune Adler Miltersen4 – I want to personally thank this guy for sharing the most number of samples from an individual. : )


37. Temistocles Rosal– Funny. Text translated as: “Hello! Guys please add me up!”



If you want to exhibit your humor and rich imagination, try samples under this category.

38. Eduardo Calvo– This bunch sure is a wacky version of “The Last Supper”! Superb masterpiece!


39. Pinkel Sharma– Monalisa will sure grow her eyebrows upon seeing this!  


Movie/ Show Inspired

Do you love watching movies? You can share it with the world and be the next superstar of your own movie!40. Maurizio Mazzanti– Totally  out of this world!


41. Giuseppe Draicchio– I knew there’s a connection with this guy and the ETs!


42. Johnny– His profile photo does not convince me that it’s the end of the world.


43. Nathan Linder– This guy sure wants to “Live with the Dinosaurs!” but not in 3D.


44. Arek Wroblewski– To be honest, I don’t think this guy’s gonna win only with his bow. Try machine gun?


45. Graziano Vincini  A way to preserve your friend’s heads?


46. Game of Thrones Whose your next ally?


47. Alfredo on Fire! -Do you smell someone’s Facebook account burning?


48. Krister Nielsen Looks like time machine’s need some repair for this!


Game/ Cartoon/ Show inspired

What games or cartoons do you love so much? Ever thought of replacing your favorite character?

49. Mario– I want to cook that mushroom.


50. Tanner Ringerud– I think this is an over kill.


51. Fanta– Time to live your fantasies.


52. Gabriel Masliah– Like an apple pie and lemon juice? Pick your orders here!


53. Johnny Gigantic– Here comes Flash! 


54. Jordan Joseph– Drive safely with Jordan!


55. James Jackson– I wonder how these ducks fly so high!


56. Enri Pedernera– Angry Enri! 


57. Jay Hershberger– Somebody took Elmo’s place!



Whether you intend to use your Facebook account  for individual or group business, setting up a relevant and catchy cover photo can help your brand standout among your competitors! But before that, I encourage you to read through these updated guidelines set by Facebook for business users to get the most of your Timeline cover photo.   

58. Neil PatelYou don’t have to  complicate things. Sometimes, just a clear and big smile can do all the work!


59. Genevieve Lachance– A sample of a call-to-action text for your cover photo.


60. Gap


 61. HyperArts Web Design


62. Manuel Garcia– Social sites nowadays are not solely intended for leisurely activities. You can extend your resumé right in front of your profile!


63. Dallas Foodie– Looks delectable! Makes me wanna order now.


64. Enk Shahbaz Mehdi


65.  Sune Adler Miltersen– Cover photos can be used a brochure…


66. Herb Cloutier– And a perfect place to explain that we all have bills to pay.


67. Famous Interactive– Showcase your company’s elegance through your cover photo!


68. Yoga Relief– Offer the best service you can provide through your page!


69. Louise Myers Graphic Design


70. Digital Marketer


71. Remedie Studio


72. Mari Smith– I have a feeling that “blue” is her favorite color. What do you think?


73. BlueGlass


74. Amy Porterfield


75. Sprout Social– Take note of the outstanding clarity and simplicity in this sample.


76. FreelanceSwitch


77. Gerber– The faces of true satisfied customers!


78. George Takei– Tell people of your upcoming show through your cover photo!


79. DeMilked– A work of a professional. Excellent editing skills.



Love being techy? Capture the best moments with your gadgets and use it as your Timeline cover photo!



81. Gabriel Fort– Well, let’s wait for this to happen.


82. Mujtaba Jaffari– Just at the hard core.


83. Abdo Ismail– ESC probably sneaked through inside the “do not ENTER” area, so CTRL has to teach him a lesson!


84. Victor Zapanta– Awesome cover photosssss.. : )


85. Lawson Hembree V– Let others do the thinking.


Crazy Creative

This category is my personal favorite. If you’re a funny person, exhibit your hilarity through these top ideas for your cover photo!

86. Alejandro Ramirez Espinal– Want to connect with the gods?


87. Cat’s– Or maybe the gods just want to feed this cat!


88. Damian Sanchez– How about adding more color to your mind? Green perhaps?


89. Lev Detrez– this is one incredible trick!


90. Jeremy Bronson– why does everyone wants to defy gravity?


91. Mohammad L. Azzam


92. Fabio Maravilla


93. Rodney Hess


Animals Gone Wild

94. Sune Adler Miltersen6– “Good kitty kitty.. Don’t eat me!”


95. Sune Adler Miltersen7– Hey, watch out!


96. Nagaraj Vijayarangan– This guy’s clearly not as lucky as the one above!


97. Sudipto Mahato– “Catch me if you can kitty kitty!”- goldfish


98. Giraffe– I wonder where the next mutant would appear.


99. Anonymous– “Mommy! help me!!!”


100. Daniel Jewitt– Good heavens!


Whew! I hope this hundred samples won’t give you idea overload!
So, finally decided which concept to follow? or perhaps you’ve got a better one?


Share it with us in the comments section.

All the best,

Rose YMB Properties


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  • Al Harji

    Reply Reply February 17, 2014

    Rose, what a great post with examples and inspiration for creating engaging covers – love it. Keep the posts coming. Thank you. Can’t pick one so when I have time, I’ll try to take a few of these ideas and use them on my pages.

    • admin

      Reply Reply February 17, 2014

      Hey Al,

      Thanks so much!I’m so glad you liked it. makes me inspired to write more..:)Yeah, definitely try some of these ideas. A creative Facebook cover can contribute a lot to your Facebook page/s.

      Keep going strong,

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