97 Dazzling Ideas You Can Steal From Prints

Looking for a gallery or some stylish and wholesome prints for your business?

No matter what type of business you’re trying to spruce up, a healthy dose of creativity and style is essential to build instant presence.

Granted, advertising now is rapidly moving towards the Internet, but prints always come in handy for any type of occasion.

Here, we scoured quite a few samples of prints from the Internet – from business cards, flyers, coupons, and rack cards to “thank you” cards – to give you some inspiration for your business prints.

So better yet, start scrolling down and feast your eyes on these 97 dazzling ideas you can steal for your prints!

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What is a business without a business card?

Whether it’s an executive meeting, a trade event or a random encounter in a grocery store, business cards are a lifesaver for any marketer.

3dcfccbd8c0e14988a3a2cbfb31bce72 16-110930202627 18-colorful-business-card-design 29 80_unique_business_card_designs_21 185962-3oMiqf1392659813 b2d23ee6fb657e59b0e913a52ff2b1fa buisiness-card-designs4 buisiness-card-designs6 business cards design (40) business-card-35 businesscards-4 cool-business-card-alex-faure design-crumbs-card digital_dj_business_card_by_iamvinyljunkie-d6fdmcb DJ_Tito_Rockout_of_New_York_by_TasteofInk_Studios Fuse-Business-Card-V2-600x450-428x321 IMG_0610_900 main-qimg-bb08f581105809f5fe39d3a59685a871 original Paul_Heartsook_Live_Sound_Video_Production


Flyers are yet another proven way to bring more customers to your local stores and inspire them to even checkout your website. It’s an ingenious way of feeding the mind through a quick glance of what your business is about – all in just a neat sheet of paper.

Flyer_A5_printing bahamas-print-flyers Examples-of-DL-Flyers flyer_sample_1 flyer-3 flyer-college flyer-print flyer-printing flyers (1)






design by https://loveprintanddesign.com/blog/





Who doesn’t love coupons?
According to research firm A.C. Nielson Co., 60% of shoppers actively look for coupons and loyalty cards before making a purchase. So you wouldn’t want to miss that fact to lure more eyeballs to your stores right?


Barnes-Noble-coupon clu5010A coupons-artist-rep ebc3010191 free_doritos_coupon




images (1)



images (2)images (6)

images (4)

images (3)

images (5)  images (7)

Rack Cards

Imagine a scenario inside your local store… your customers waiting for their turn to be served, waits at the corner and gets a nice piece of card from a rack. Kills their waiting time and literally saves you tons of energy for sales talk!

19.rack-card-examples 21.rack-card-examples 119 2012-03-18-FSN-Rack-Card-475 2012-10-pp-20dg-rack-card-475 Croff-House_rack-card enchanted-springs-ranch-rack-card FM-rack-card Inspiring-Rack-Card-Designs-10 Inspiring-Rack-Card-Designs-16 kiw-rackcard Large-CAM-C2C-RackCard MA0051601D-S MDRP-RackCard physician-rack-card PTSP-rack-fan Rack Cards (1)   RackCard rack-card-printing rackcards_700_1 Rack-Cards-layout

Thank You Cards

Sometimes a smile or a pat on the back isn’t enough to show your gratitude towards your customers, and even to your employees! This is where a touching “thank you” card comes in. You might be surprised how a simple personalized note can work wonders for your business relationship towards everyone.

6a0128759fd4d6970c0133f0e8ad0e970b-500wi 1920s-Wedding-Thank-You-Cards 17384 CD3519_Z



E_Thank_You_Cards_Maple_Pattern_Cooperplate file_9_14 Floral-Thank-You-notes


Mercent_Thankyou_ Frontwatermark copy modern-pink-thank-you-cards


thank you 2

thank you card

thank you card_green



ThankYouGreen thank-you-note-1024x684

There goes your 97 dazzling ideas you can steal for your prints! 🙂

So how do you plan to use them for your business? Meet you in the comment section below!

Make it a great day,

Rose YMB Properties


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