9 Customer Success Testimonials to Inspire your Marketing Ideas



Just recently, we received a simple yet overwhelming “thank you!” message via Skype from one of our customers from Indonesia. He purchased Offline Presence not long ago and is actually having “good sales from Fiverr selling designs.”

More than just a pat on the back, this means a lot to our team at YMB Properties. A dozen emails seeking assistance or queries from customers all over the globe is quite common to any online business, but a message of appreciation is something  we consider special and priceless – as always! 🙂

This instance has triggered us to gather more success stories and select the best ones to be published on this post. We initially actually planned to only select three examples, but due to the overwhelming feedback we got, we made this unannounced selection of nine top testimonials.

So here we go, whether you’re already making money out of  these tools or yet to make your own business marketing strategy…

Feel free to feed your mind with these ideas from real people who are making the most of YMB products!

1. Rick Neuman


“…a ton of different creations made with FB Presence. Thanks for the opportunity and the great software.”

“I mainly use FB Instant Presence tool to create appealing Facebook pictures for existing clients so it is tough to measure the value… I do use the software a ton and it has been a great blessing to me. It saves me time and money.” – Rick Neuman, Company President, Wireless Concepts

2. Jeremy Watson



 “It’s a great service to resell, not only that I can use the tools im selling to make money.

 I actually own a whitelabel version of the sales letter graphics creator… and it’s selling pretty well without any              promotions.

Not only that I use the ebook creator (how I first got introduced to your products) and can easily make great looking ecovers within a few minutes, especially with all the great templates within it!”

 – Jeremy Watson

 3. Abd. Hisham Senin

abdYour product is awesome and simple to use, I use them all the time when all my client want a new design for their project.

I made big bucks redesigning my clients project. Although your product is dirt cheap, when I purchase from your site it make my investment so darn valuable to me. I really want to thank you for your existence on this planet. Keep up the good work mate.”

– Abd. Hisham Senin


4. Damielle Hunt

damielle_imagew“I got introduced to YMB by a reseller and currently use Instant Youtube presence, Instant Facebook and instant Header presence. I also use your free tools such as button creator, funnel creator and headline creator.”

– Damielle Hunt




 5. Lucky McStorm


“Well I am using it to create promotional material for local businesses as well as my own business as a matter of fact and I really like it.

It’s fast and efficient; it allows me to create beautiful promo materials really fast. So it rocks! 🙂 Glad I stumbled upon it and I will definitely continue using it! It’s simple and awesome!”
– Lucky McStorm


6. Petra Ortiz

petrapetra“I create graphics for classified ads and they look SO MUCH BETTER than the ads I see on CL and BP 🙂

Petra Ortiz




 7. Sarah Arrow

sarah arrow

“I use YMB properties to resell Facebook images, and the ocassional infographics. The tools have been invaluable in marketing my business and branding it consistently online. I love that the tools are simple, yet effective.”

Sarah Arrow, Content Marketing From Scratch



 8. John Bolton

John_Bolton_RW“I sell your graphic tools to real estate agents and mortgage loan orginators.

The White Label products are easy to use for my non-techie real estate agents and mortgage loan orginators.”

– John Bolton




9. AJ Crawford

photo“I have used YMB products to create flyers and ads for my Real Estate business. I’ve even started selling to other agents!”

– AJ Crawford



Carol cold call

There goes our quick top 9! Thanks for taking time reading them and we hope you got some fine ideas to maximize your YMB products experience.

Also, please watch out for the top three success stories in our next blog post. 🙂

Make it a great day!

Rose YMB Properties

P.S. Time to share your thoughts in the comments below! If you can also share with us your experience with our products, it would be truly great! and who knows? Your story might get a cool spot on our next blog post! Thanks again! 🙂


  • peter mcgrath

    Reply Reply November 18, 2014

    hi interesting but these people are generally using your existing graphic tools instead of youzign I am thinking of buying a couple of these instead graphic’s software it has been proven and produces great graphics but it shows what creative people can do with ymbproperties graphics software
    thanks peter McGrath

    • admin

      Reply Reply November 20, 2014

      Hi Peter,

      Glad your interest was piqued by these creative samples by real people using our graphic tools! 🙂 Yes, adding a couple of these to your toolbox is a smart way to boost your creativity and leverage your marketing efforts.

      Youzign, btw (and just to give you a quick preview) is the ultimate, all-in-one app you’ll get if you combine the powers of all these graphic tools we have at YMB. It’s now under beta testing but you can rest assured that all the samples above can be created through it and a whole lot more!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and make it an awesome day!

      – Rose 🙂

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