79 Awesome Youtube Channel Art Designs Samples


“You are more than the sum of your uploads”.  -Youtube

If you want to share a whole bunch of stuffs with the world, go nowhere but Youtube.

It doesn’t matter what sort of profession you belong to, or what purpose you have in mind for uploading your videos. Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, whether these are useful or useless ‘vids’ you upload, you can freely reach out everyone and make them your instant fans!

Youtube’s newest UI- One Channel has paved a way to give its now over 1 billion users a brand new experience with their Youtube channels. Today, as per Youtube’s latest updates, branding works across different devices to reach out more viewers even non-subscribers, and sharing of contents are made comprehensive- a green signal for every internet marketer out there who wants to increase their number of audience.

One unique feature of Youtube which can instantly draw eyeballs to your Youtube page or channel is the channel art.

For those still on the fence, Youtube channel art is the top most, banner-like image on your Youtube One Channel page. It’s the biggest image to cover your channel and thus the first thing your viewers will see as they come aboard.

Creating your channel art can give you a fresh, custom look and feel, as well as instantly boost brand awareness among your target audience. Thus, some creativity and effort is needed to setup one but if you can’t think of anything right now, I’ve managed to create a list of samples for you.

Here are 79 awesome channel art design ideas to get you started. Enjoy!

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2. Tipsy- This is a good tip for anyone who’s up for selling e-books online- ask your viewers directly using a powerful call-to-action art.


3. Eckhart Tolle- This guy is one of the most original and inspiring spiritual teachers of our time. See on his channel art how he used a well-blended background with his quote up front.


4. Adam Khoury- This guy offers high quality programming and design tutorials for a global community of developers and software engineers. See how a simple hard hat profile photo and his initials as background can cover his portfolio.


5. Alphacat- Famous on Youtube for his hilarious compilation of vine videos. Featuring even President Barack Obama and Johnny Legend. He used a very simple style for his channel art- his very own logo. alphacat

6. Big Think- How about a thinking statue eh? This channel is a home of big ideas from world’s best renowned mentors.


7. Brian Tracy- Asking questions on your banners can pretty much challenge your viewers see what you can provide for them and why they would bother subscribe to your channel.


8. Dan Kennedy- This is a very simple yet sensible design for channel art. Doesn’t have to be super shiny, but with the right content, it’ll stand out.


9. Grant Cardone- You can always showcase  a picture of stuffs you actually do with your channel art.


10. Infinite Waters- Waters are infinite, so are the possibilities for your channel art designs! Another cute sample catering a call-to-action ad (at the right side).


11. You are Creators- Like attracts like. Very simple philosophy to share.


12. It’s Okay To Be Smart- This channel gives a twist to traditional Science we know. Totally out of this world approaches you’ll sure to like.


13. Genius Brain Power- Just thinking how did I come up with these “genius” channels for samples? Hmmm…lots of people must’ve like these stuffs much.


14. THRIVE Movement- is another compilation of unconventional documentaries that will surely entertain geeks-at-heart.


15. SciShow- Looks slimy and sticky but this Sci show is a sure hit with its over 1.5 million subscribers! Don’t miss this channel art’s cool background!


16. Success Audio Books- This is a mine of videos for motivational and inspirational purposes. Good thing we don’t actually have to read it all.


17. Mental Floss- This design is one of my personal favorites. Looks fashionably crowded with lots of ideas and stuffs for the mind. “Triviatastic!”


18. Caleb Leverett- Want him as your dad? No spank on the butt.. : )


19. Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Training Channel- Yeah! Just killer channel art!


20. mybringback- is about bringing resources together. I just can’t say more with their channel art design- could be abstract.


21. Totally Sketches- I just love the simplicity and humor of this sample.


22. Timothy DeLaGhetto- Red is definitely head-turning amigo!


23. Allen Henn- From this guy’s channel art, anybody can guess what he does. So to look a bit mysterious, a blurred profile photo will balance the art.


24. Jordan David- Rock climbing! Live a life more meaningful with Jordan.


25. About a Boy- Thanks for clarifying what this is about. : )


26. TEDx- Finally, ‘x’s been cracked. I wonder what this mob is up to. Looks fun.


27. Fast Lane Daily- Your one stop automotive news and reviews on Youtube!


28. Tyler Moore- Looks simple. Very simple indeed. Okay, I’m in!tyler

29. Thought Cafe- Channel arts are best places to flaunt what you can actually do. Less words, more meaning. : )


30. Crash Course- Looks like I’m gonna learn lots of things from this channel. Will I come out like Albert Einstein if I subscribe? Hmm..


31. Louie Schwartzberg- Louie’s channel gives heart-warming, inspirational videos. You’ll be surprised what his channel header “moving art” really pertains to.


32. Google+ Business- Google’s been consistent with its very colorful channel art on Youtube. By the way, You can learn about online advertising and  Google’s other business right in this channel.


33. Jay Leno’s Garage- Who says gray is dull? This guy explores his passion for all things on wheels in this Emmy-Award winning web series in the morning…


34. Jay Leno- and hosts this lively variety show with interviews and comedy sketches at night! Totally well-rounded guy I’d say!


35. Vlog Brothers- Youtube One Channel is also a cool avenue if you want to create a video blog with your brother! Makes time more worthwhile.


36. The Verge- quite a perfect name for a channel that covers the intersection of Technology, Science, Art and Culture. Simple intersecting lines as background is just perfect for it.


37. Bethany Mota- This channel starts 7 adorable and sweet personal ‘vlogs’ of some of the most popular pretty gals on Youtube. Just see the number of their subscribers! Gorgeous!


38. Carly Rowena- Everyone’s got a say on fitness and what’s beautiful yeah.


39. Zoella- this cute gal sure is a sweetheart or a “Youtube crush”to hit over 4 million subscribers!


40. Tanya Burr- Simply beautiful. This channel art looks like a simple signature to me. But it rocks!


41. LookyHereGirl- Nice quality shot you have here sweety.


42. Michelle Phan- This gal’s over 5 million subscribers makes me wanna check her channel after publishing this post. : )


43. FAWN- For All Women Network So it’s an evergreen background for an ageless beauty.


44. Candito TrainingHQ- Enough samples for the beauties and let’s now make way for the hunks!


45. Laroque Fitness- This is one is the toughest ‘selfie’ I’ve ever seen.. : ) Handsome channel art really.


46. Bryce Lewis- Looks like a man’s one-stop channel!


47.  Bruno Mars- Love the hair and the font!


48. Psy- Channel art ala Gangnam style!


49. Katy Perry- A smart idea from Katy to use your channel art to plug your album!


50. Leehi- Backgrounds often reflect the personality of the user. In this case, I’d say this girl is just simply amazing!


51. Seung Yoon- I wonder if Korean stars love black and pink combinations. Seung Yoon and Leehi’s clothes are matching so well.


52. Alltime10s- Just another way to thank your loyal subscribers…


53. Animalist- This is a very creative design for an animal channel. Best ever! A work of a pro!animalist

54. Southern Africa…Love the color and concept of this channel art. Well conceived! Near to nature. Not to mention the high-quality shot!


55. Animal Planet- What you see is what you get.


56. Big Cat Rescue- Big cats on the move! very strong call-to-action indeed!


57. Petsami- Animals are really cute subjects for any banner! This sample is very unique, simple, and superb!


58. Revision3- If you love making collage, you can still apply it on your Youtube Channel art!


59. Peter Gilroy- Funnily creative.. : )


60. Bethel Music- Just one-of-a-kind studio! I hope there’s no big waves coming!


61. David Pakman Show- Makes me really curious about watching this guy’s show.


62. Coma Niddy- This guy’s channel looks interesting! I just hope his raps aren’t green. : ) Nice way to enjoy Science.


63. The Dominic Show- You won’t feel blue in this channel.


64. Stuff Mom Never Told You- Makes me wonder what are those things. Light and clean channel art though. Image gives support to the text.


65. Flo Rida- Black, white and red. Nice ad!


66. Smosh- Looks so hilarious!


67. Steeve Greene- You should definitely watch this guy!


68. TED Ed- Memes works nice here too.


69. The Young Turks- Before, TV’s rule and Youtube just an extension, now it’s the other way round!


70. World View Show- World text plus world image equals awesome.


71. Cop Block- “Badges don’t grant extra rights”


72. Chestersee- Use channel art to quickly introduce yourself!


73. Dereleek- I easily forget how to pronounce this guy’s name correctly. Thanks to his channel art, I always get reminded.


74. Jim Chapman- Are you thinking about this guy?


75. JRAquino Music- Skies and deserts are the limits!


76. Kassem G- Youtube truly is a home of celebrities-in-disguise! This guy looks ordinary but I was blown away with his number of subscribers!


77. Nice Peter- Nice guitar and shades.


78. Niga Higa- Blokeh explosions will never bring you down.


79. Pointless Blog- This guy’s channel art says it all. At least you will not blame him at the end. : )


If you think channel arts are another bunch of useless stuff, see the number of subscribers the above samples have. Of course, thousands and even millions of subscribers can be pointed back to quality content, but notice how each of them used their own and unique channel arts and not just leave a lousy bare channel cover.

What about you? Finally decided which idea/s to follow? Or perhaps you got there something better? What do you have to say on these featured samples?

Now it’s your turn to show off your ideas in the comments section.

Make it a great day!

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