25 Ad Designs That Will Make You Look Twice

One of the best ads of all time: Apple 1984

One of the best ads of all time: Apple 1984

Advertising on Facebook is not as simple as you think. You can’t just post average ads and expect to get a thousand “likes” at the end of the day.

The saying “There’s no second chance at making a good first impression” still applies when creating ads both for online or offline market. If your ad gets a second look and gets read, it’s good, but if not then it’s not.

Facebook is social advertising. Unlike advertising with Google Adwords and the rest of  PPC campaigns where audiences look for information (about the product or service they need) through active searching, Facebook advertising faces a lot of challenges- primarily on how it can grab readers’ attention from all those social activities they’ve initially set out and start paying attention to your ad.

Needless to say, you’ll have to create a Facebook ad that’s head-turning and “like-worthy”.

In this article, let me share with you these 25 ad designs that will give you some inspiration for your next Facebook ad campaign.

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This is a fabulous sample of an offer ad. Color balance is superb. Model wears bright red blouse that cuts right through blue and white Facebook template.

2. Modify Watches


Big letters for the first two words shout about this interesting image of animal-inspired watches and gives a sense of urgency to readers.  Image contrast is also a huge plus.

3. Barkbox


Let’s not forget the “cuteness power” of a pup that’s so hard to ignore!

4. Sam’s Chowder House


I honestly felt hungry after looking at this ad about a mouth-watering dish. High quality shot and well-set description is a perfect match. It activates the senses and imagination of the readers, making it easy to hit “like” button.

5. Farmgirl Flowers


This image gives a thought of freshly-picked flowers from a farm ready for pick-up!

 6. Funnel Experts


Instead of featuring the product or service, why not just present the creators?



Simplicity is showcased in this ad and it worked. Who can ignore a $500 shopping spree offer by just liking an ad?

8. Jasper’s Market


There’s no need to talk much when you know your products are with quality. Just go directly with what you offer and let the high resolution image of your product say the rest.

9. Sittercity


Another example of color balance and simple background. This ad didn’t write any promises but gives an idea how their sitters can be so creative.

10. ebay


Babies are so adorable! This is a great sample of a powerful call-to-action ad.

11. Cheerios


Notice the connection of the words used in this ad: “shine, light, and tomorrow” with the image of a hopeful smiling child. Just superb!

12. McDonald’s


“Chew on this” is another killer headline for food ad. Didn’t need to say so much.

13. Green Mountain Naturals


Green will always be a relaxing color. By just looking at this ad, I wanted to make hot apple cider tea myself and not only click “like”!

14. Pritikin Longetivity Center & Spa


Combination of three wonderful images can summarize what you can offer to your customers. It doesn’t “hard-teach” and the headline looks convincing too.

15. Graham’s Cafe


Buy 1 get 1 offer is always attractive for anyone!

From this point onwards, let me share with you samples of Facebook ads  that we usually see at the right side of our Facebook pages. Compared with News feed ads above, these are smaller and so require more creativity.

16. Another one from Pritikin


Excellent choice of image subject. These type of berries are very popular in the fitness and health industry. Powerful text description too!

16. Amy Porterfield


Nice sample of a powerful call-to-action ad.

17. Scott’s Marketplace


Perfectly blended colors are always head-turning. Model looks ready for shopping and it’s pretty inviting! Also, there’s always the “get-something-in-return” factor when you “like” their ad. Cool!

18. Chili’s Grill & Bar


This ad from Chili’s is so amazing. After asking three questions answerable only with “YES!” they asked readers to hit “like” on their ad, and see how many likes they had!

19. Chick-fil-A


This ad didn’t have to use the words: “like us” but instead  with some others more irresistible like an offer when you click. It’s quite simple actually.

20. Men’s Adventure Shoes


Product description in this ad is brief and straight-to-the-point. These are commonly the things that men look for when buying shoes. In just a glance, all questions are answered. Image is indeed a sample of the product. It’s all-in-one I would say!

21. Babble Home


Another awesome call-to-action sample. Text description is interesting. I wonder what those crackpot recipes would be?

22. Forever Hacked


In the recent years, there’s an overwhelming interest over meme faces. Why not try it on your ad like this one? I’m not sure if it’s cute but it definitely catches attention. Description is also very convincing.

23. Greater Insurance Services


Money on fire? Very unusual! This sample is very compelling. Excellent use of all “caps” letters for the call-to-action text too!

24. Shocking Meat Video


If you’re searching for a killer ad, see this one! Title description instantly drives eyeballs to see more!

25. Repair Online Reputation


This looks creepy at first sight. The smeared blood-like graffiti of the words” HELP ME!” doesn’t just calls immediate attention but fires up curiosity.

Posting ads on Facebook can be pretty challenging for marketers, but it’s really rewarding if you can get what you want. There are over 128 million Facebook users everyday just in the US and imagine if you can convert all those “likes” to profits! All starting with creating an ad that will make you look twice!

I hope you got some ideas in these ad samples for your next Facebook ad campaign. Let me know what you think in the comments section.


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  • IMCD

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    Good share. Liked your explanation really.

    • admin

      Reply Reply March 7, 2014

      Thank you IMCD! glad you liked it! : )

  • Ros

    Reply Reply March 7, 2014

    Very useful examples….thanks. I’m about to start a second ad campaign to get Likes and this time I might do it right!

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