10 Payment Platforms and Tools You Should Know About

One of the many interesting questions we received and gladly answered in the past Q and A are the set of tools we use to manage our team here at YMB Properties.

And, in line with that we give you this list of 10 payment platforms and tools to manage your business finances. Hope this helps!

1. Paypal


The most popular way to pay (and get paid) online, Paypal is almost a must have tool for any online business owners.

Where Paypal lack is in its reporting abilities, if you want to track your paypal revenues try http://putler.com or terapeak analytics.

2. Stripe


A new comer from Ireland in the field of online payments, Stripe is arguably the best way to accept credit cards and manage subscriptions.

3. Cheddar Getter


Another recurring  payment platform,  Cheddar Getter has a beautiful interface and a useful reporting dashboard. Like Stripe, it does require you to have some development knowledge to integrate with their API.

4. JV Zoo


The Internet Marketing platform with the most affiliates, JV Zoo is a great choice if you need quick affiliate adoption.

5. Zaxaa


Zaxaa offers tons of power-seller features other IM platforms have failed to capitalize on, such as the unmissable coupon integration.

6. GetDPD


One of my favorite processor. Ultra low fees and incredibly easy to get set up.

7. Sellfy

sellfyEven faster than GetDPD, you can start selling any digital products on Sellfy within the next 60 seconds.

Special mention: Sales analytics tools

8. Geckodashboard


Not exactly a payment platform, but a great way to monitor your key performance indicators, such as sales figures for the days, or number of new subscribers.

9. Putler


Arguably the best dashboard to monitor your Paypal sales, Putler looks great when it works (if your Paypal receives a lot of transaction it might take a while to update)

10. Terapeak Analytics


Terapeak Analytics is free and lets you view your essential Paypal stats at a glance. I especially like their geographical reporting feature that shows your customer by countries.

Did you like this list? or you have some more to add? What payment platform do you use to manage the financial facet of your business?

Now is your time to share with us in the comments section. : )

Make it a great day,

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