Black Friday Special: Get 50% Off on All YMB Products!

follow Happy black Friday everyone! To celebrate this special day, we’re throwing away a huge 50% discount on all YMB products! Hurry on! This deal expires this midnight – November 29, 2014. Grab your cart now and start your black Friday shopping galore! Offline Presence – Regular price: $47.00 Discounted Price: $23.5 White Label Package : $297 $148.5 Ebook Presence –…

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9 Customer Success Testimonials to Inspire your Marketing Ideas

resume   Just recently, we received a simple yet overwhelming “thank you!” message via Skype from one of our customers from Indonesia. He purchased Offline Presence not long ago and is actually having “good sales from Fiverr selling designs.” More than just a pat on the back, this means a lot to our team at YMB…

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How we generated 6 figures with Infographics Presence

follow Note: before you do anything dont forget to download your free product launch blueprint PDF here At YMB, we love sharing how we create and market great products with you. So while we are making Infographics Presence available as a white label for a limited time, it made sense to share how we made over… Continue Reading →

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10 Payment Platforms and Tools You Should Know About

enter site One of the many interesting questions we received and gladly answered in the past Q and A are the set of tools we use to manage our team here at YMB Properties. And, in line with that we give you this list of 10 payment platforms and tools to manage your business finances. Hope this helps!…

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Tweak More Designs: 10 New Cool Templates Added in Infographics Presence Pro!

go Infographics Presence (Professional) customers… here’s great news for you! We all know one thing for sure, ideas don’t come easily all the time. Even professional designers need to get inspiration to overcome the “designer’s block”. Just a couple of months ago, we received a nice assignment from Bertrand, to add five new templates for Infographics Presence Pro every…

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Making your Marketing Graphics Count: 11 Free tools to have in your arsenal If you feel intimidated using stunning graphics because you think it always come with a pricey tag or requires a hand of a Photoshop expert, cheer up! Today, using some suggestions from our very own in-house graphic artists, I’ve managed to jot down a pretty nice set of free web-based tools to help you create amazing graphics…

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Ultimate tool you need to create flawless eBook covers You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you do. It’s a lesson that every self-publisher learns quickly, because appearances count. Yet creating a great book cover is a lot simpler than you’d think. I’ll not only reveal how to create book cover designs that are being used by the top publishing houses, but…

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27 Best Viral Memes and Tweets of the Brazil vs Germany Apocalypse Last Tuesday Brazil suffered a historic 7-1 loss against Germany during the 2014 WorldCup semi-finals. The match instantly became the most Twitter sportive event in history, as demonstrated by this Tweet heat-map. Here are some of the best and most popular tweets posted since then! World Cup’s Germany-Brazil blowout game is the most-tweeted sports event ever…

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Giveaway: 29 Marketing Graphics with PSD – Free Download

doctoral thesis generator     Churn your marketing style with these 29 marketing graphics from Offline Presence. Use them to level up your campaign materials like never before. Works perfect for both online and offline marketing. Cool part is that, today you can grab all these 29 for free! And to add more versatility to your designs, we’re…

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How Offline Presence was born

follow Hey there Bertrand here, and today I wanted to share some insights on our development process and how we go about developing graphic softwares at YMB Properties. Offline Presence is the latest born in a series of graphic software which now started two years ago. In that timeframe we have learned a great deal about developing graphic applications but…

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